Superhero University – Batgirl of Burnside – Session 3: One Batgirl Too Many!

Join Joshua Unruh, professional storyteller and superhero scholar, as he takes you through the latest version of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl! It’s Batgirl v. Batgirl action in a battle for Burnside! Who is this new Batgirl out committing crimes and looking so good doing it? And what does she have to do with a hot new artist who seems to know a little too much about Barbara’s double life? We’ll discuss those things as well as some heavy topics like Selfie Culture, the ethics of hacking, and transmisogyny in this latest session.

To follow along, read the second chapter of Batgirl vol 1: Batgirl of Burnside.

One Batman Too Many

A short article from HuffPost to get you thinking deeper about selfies: What We’re Really Doing When We Shame Young Women For Their Selfies

A Comics Alliance article about the transphobic story elements that also has links to other stories: ‘Batgirl’ #37 Criticized For Transphobic Content; Creative Team Apologizes

A Mary Sue article on the same topic: Why the Batgirl #37 Controversy is the Conversation We Need Right Now

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