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How high’s the water, Mama? Five Feet High and Risin’

Hey gang! I'm sure my six week hiatus followed by begging for money basically killed whatever readership I had, and I'm sorry about that, but I'm back with a VENGEANCE! Here are some things I've been up to and some things you can look forward to.

  • I won Nanowrimo for the third time this year. I nearly did it before Thanksgiving, too, which was a very new experience. Both the last two times I scraped by with the skin of my teeth. Another new experience was starting on the second draft of a nano novel before Nanowrimo was even over.
  • The reason I'm working frantically on the second draft of a novel I finished one day after Thanksgiving is because, without quite knowing how, it's going to be the first full length novel I've ever published.
  • Sad news: Hell Bent for Leather has been bumped from January 2012 until ┬álater in the year. Happy news: This is to make room for The Secret Life of TEEN Agents (working title), my Young Adult espionage thriller with three female protagonists.
  • Despite the fact that the timeline on TEEN Agents is hella short and sorta freaking me out, I think it's going to turn out really well and with a beautiful cover that's a modern take on Spy Fi.
  • This has opened up a huge opportunity for me on Hell Bent for Leather that I don't think I'm at liberty to talk about yet. Needless to say, it's going to make the book a lot better and also aid in its promotion. Watch this space for more info.
  • I'm also neck-deep in reworking the short story for the Winter issue of A Consortium of Worlds. That's also coming in January, so check it out!
  • We have a cover for the Kindle All Stars book and it's BRILLIANT! I'm so proud and excited to be part of that project I can hardly stand it.
  • Lastly on the Consortium and writing front, please take a moment to visit the Kickstarter page for The Dragonswarm and pledge whatever you can manage. We have some lovely thank you gifts for your pledges and you'll be helping both an amazing cause AND a great book (I'm reading it now).

Now, a little news about the blog, if you please.

  • I will be returning to a regular schedule next week, but it's going to shift to Tuesday/Thursday. A lot of my fellow Consortium bloggers are Monday/Wednesday, so I'm switching it up for anybody that reads all of us.
  • I owe you guys a comic book review. I have a thing in mind and, if I get to do it, it'll rock your socks and be live next Tuesday.
  • I passed on an opportunity to join an anthology of essays and true stories from stay-at-home dads. But it reminded me I've got a few great stories on the front, or at least stories of wicked misfortune that others take joy in hearing. So those tales will be a semi-permanent feature for a while. They won't be the only thing on the blog, but they might be the only thing for a while since I've been thinking about them so much.
  • That said, I've got a couple writing exercises that might make interesting blog posts, so that'll hopefully break up the monotony for those of you that don't care about my (mis)adventures in parenting.
  • I'm also taking requests. If there's anything I've touched on or any questions you'd like followed up on, let me know. Comics, mythology, writing theory, future projects, none of the above, just let me know.

I think that's it...for now. There's a bunch of little stuff (like the holidays and my children) mixed in there as well, so I'm likely to be fairly insane for the next couple months. It's sink or swim, but I prefer the breast stroke!

(That's what she said...)